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South Carolina

FORTIS Colleges and Institutes in South Carolina

If you are looking for college programs in South Carolina, you'll want to check out the programs offered at FORTIS' campus in Columbia. Interested in nursing, dentistry, other healthcare/medical careers, or skilled trades programs? Then our Columbia, South Carolina campus location may be just right for you!

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Dream of becoming a nurse, dental assistant, or medical assistant? Or are you passionate about entering the skilled trades to become an HVAC technician or installer? Whichever one of these careers you envision in your future, you will get the hands-on training designed to help you graduate and to have a successful career when you attend FORTIS' Columbia, South Carolina campus. We strongly encourage you to get started and enroll today! Contact us to obtain more information about your program of interest or with any other questions you have. You can reach us via phone, email, or live online chat.